Should internet be regulated

- how involved should the government be when it comes to regulation of the internet there are many different issues regarding internet regulation should internet users be responsible for controlling how they use the internet. Best answer: it can be regulated if people choose, a website can be prosecuted and shut down as happened with dad's place, a website that ran a vendetta against employees of sunderland housing corporation. How the internet could be regulated over time, we should regulate broadcasting and the internet in a less differentiated manner.

Why online advertising should be regulated the internet advertising bureau (iab) has also done a tremendous job by establishing a set of principles that govern. If the government was to regulate the internet, the american people 'for example' would lose an important toll to exercise their freedom of expression (bidgoli, 264) in addition to freedom of speech, internet responsibility should be left on the hands of the parent. Yea there gonna attempt interior the close to destiny become suggested somewhat those days , and charging for downloads which brings in a gadget it fairly is regulated very unhappy because of the fact the internet is the final place you are able to truly locate out stuff that the rulers persons all dont wont us to make certain as web pages such as you tube have long previous viral with.

Internet service providers such as at&t, comcast, and verizon have been fighting to gain control of a utility (the internet) that should be treated like a phone or electric line the movement against internet control and censorship is known as net neutrality. The majority of the internet community, however, seems to be insisting the internet is above regulation most, though not all, americans are comfortable with the idea that internet content can't. State your opinion on if you feel the internet should be regulated by the government describe whether you think it compromises human rights. Many people are concerned that a few giant companies—google, facebook, amazon, etc—have so much information about all of us that they need some sort of government oversight this was the. Should broadband internet service be treated as a basic utility in the united states, like electricity, water, and traditional telephone service.

Here are ten of the reasons why governments should not regulate the internet to protect the first amendment - one of the most cherished rights granted to americans, the right to free speech and freedom of the press, is protected by the first amendment of the constitution. In an october 25 blog commentary posted at this site, geoffrey manne and kristian stout argued against a proposed federal communications commission (fcc) ban on the use of mandatory arbitration. What is the role of the fcc in regulating the internet fcc commissioner ajit pai gives an overview of title ii and how 19th-century regulations might not be.

Internet should be regulated the internet, as defined by merriam webster, is an electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world - internet should be regulated introduction. Should the internet be regulated despite the prevalence of objectionable material on the internet, this media form remains less regulated than tv and movies. The guardian - back to home can't governments regulate the internet, or regulate the companies like any free zone, the internet should be policed - but it should also be celebrated. Some people believe that the internet needs to be regulated because it freely provides both good and bad content others, however, disagree with this view and believe that the internet should not be regulated.

  • But should it be regulated like a utility net neutrality, a term coined by columbia law school professor tim wu in 2003, is the concept that all internet traffic should be treated equally.
  • I was going to say that the question shouldn't be whether the internet should be controlled, but whether it can be controlled however, i have different reasons whenever the government tries to control something, it backfires there simply is no way to enforce laws like these the internet would.

Can the internet be regulated can the internet be regulated content liability on the internet should be focussed on the originator of offending material and on. Access to internet is a public benefit it should be regulated that way to eliminate net neutrality in furtherance of the white house's conviction that internet access should be an. should the internet be restricted and regulated early in 2012, wikipedia went dark for a day, and on the black screen, an ominous warning said, imagine a world without free knowledge the website made a point how important t.

should internet be regulated Once you start regulating internet content, you fall into the trap of trying to figure out to whose community standards you should dumb the internet down to, and how you're going to enforce this across international boundaries.
Should internet be regulated
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